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PostSubject: Squad   05.01.11 18:40

Answering her phone, a woman said, "Hello."
"Hi. Listen to me carefully. You have 36 seconds. Step onto the fire-escape and go up one level and wait there," a man said in a flat tone.
"Who is this?" she asked and looked out her window.
"30 seconds."
"Haha, funny."
"Please move from in front of the door. 20 seconds."
"Seriously, who is this?"
"I'm hanging up."

The woman hung up her phone and went into the living room as 3 men burst through the door. A figure clad in black military armor sighed and shot them through the window, laying quietly on top of a building across from the woman's apartment. Looking through the scope, the person grins as he sees the woman crouching behind her couch, screaming, then raises their combat goggles off of their eyes and looks through the scope again.

Watching as she answered her phone, the sharpshooter said, "If this is going to work you need to listen. There are more men coming. You have 50 seconds until the arrive. Climb up the fire escape to the roof of the building. Now." then hung-up.

The woman grabbed up her wallet and did as told, obviously shaking as she put her phone in her pocket. More men appeared in the doorway and began ran-sacking the apartment, one of them looking out the window. Squeezing the trigger gently, a small ping was heard, then a zip and a splat as a bullet entered the man's skull between his eyes, then more zips and pings as the other men were hit. The sharpshooter kept a bead on the woman as he released the clip and inserted a new one, then pulled back the bolt. "She's nearing the roof," he said.

"Copy," a man replied.

Reaching the roof, the woman was grabbed by a man dressed just like the sharpshooter except wearing night-vision goggles with a M4A1 SOPMOD slung around his shoulder.
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Posts : 114
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PostSubject: Re: Squad   05.01.11 18:40

"Prize is in the bag," the other man said and forcibly put them woman into a harness and then latched her to him. Cutting a rope, a balloon floated into the air, tethered by a strong cable to the man's harness.

"Copy," replied the sharpshooter and released a similar balloon, then folded his rifle's tripod and slung it on his shoulder and crouched with his knees in his chest and his head between them. A 'zoom' was heard and suddenly all three of them were yanked forcibly into the air and pulled over the city.

"Hey!" the sharpshooter shouted over the rush of air and the craft's engines. "Sup!" shouted back the other man while the woman screamed.

A few minutes later, they dangled beneath the craft as its VTOL engines blew warm air over them as it hovered in place and began its descent. As their feet touched the ground, the two men unlatched the cable and the aircraft flew away to land. Unhooking the woman, they each grabbed an arm and hauled her towards a building in the black night.

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Posts : 114
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PostSubject: Re: Squad   05.01.11 18:40

As they walked inside, they forced the woman to sit on a chair and turned on the lights inside. She looked down at the ground and only cried and sobbed out some illegible words. The sharpshooter reached out and grabbed her arm and said, "You need to calm down. You are in shock."

Letting out a sob, she shook her head profusely. The two men looked at each other and waited for her to calm down, the man with the SOPMOD took off his night vision goggles and put on combat ones.

"Who are you?" she finally asked. "We know you with the only name you ever provided us, and so we shall do the same," the sharpshooter replied. "I am Yhuzan, and he is MLY. And you are Janice."

Hearing their names, the woman looked up quickly at the men. The one who declared himself Yhuzan was the man who had called her and was noticeably taller than the other man, but both of them appeared both lean and thin despite their bulky pitch black uniforms and body armor.

"How did you find me?" the woman asked. "We traced you from the government website and we were sent to retrieve you. You are of vital importance to our government and are at risk from another organization."

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Posts : 114
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PostSubject: Re: Squad   05.01.11 18:40

Distant gunshots and artillery could be heard from the small building. Yhuzan looked at Mly, who had a grimace on his face as the sounds of battle were drawing closer. "We aren't supposed to be here. If the rebels or the government's soldiers find us, our squad will be in danger. We need to move," Yhuzan said and helped the woman up, then handed her his side-arm. As she eyed it, a quiet hovering was heard outside as the craft that sky-hooked them landed outside.

A man came inside, same attire as Mly and Yhuzan and threw down two empty duffel bags. Mly grabbed one up and began stuffing papers and photos into it off of tables in the single-room building. "What am I supposed to do with this?" she asked and held it like it was a dead fish. Yhuzan grabbed her hands and had her hold it correctly, the .44 being large compared to her hands and said, "If anybody tries to take you except for me, Mly, Juran here, and Kim outside, you shoot them."

Janice eyed the gun more as Juran grabbed the now-full duffel bag from Mly and took it outside. "Thats all of it," Mly announced and nodded towards a large metal case, 4 feet wide by 2 feet high and 3 feet long. As Yhuzan grabbed one handle, Mly grabbed another and Juran led Janice outside, then they all approached the waiting VTOL craft.

Opening the rear hatch, Kim shouted from the cockpit, "Come on! There's a crap load of pissed off rebels closing in on us!" Yhuzan and Mly took the case in and set it down then latched it in an Janice sat down on a seat and Juran strapped her in, then threw the duffel bag to the side. After every body was secure, the craft lifted up and quickly accelerated away as the building below exploded, the hatch on the craft closing slowly with the hydraulics hissing.

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PostSubject: Re: Squad   05.01.11 18:41

The aircraft bucked in turbulence as it flew high above the burning city. Yhuzan and Mly sat next to each other, going through the documents they salvaged from the building while Juran and Kim sat in the cockpit. "Who are you guys?" Janice finally asked, the gun in the seat next to her, her eyes casually drifting to it now and then.

"We are the Squad. When our government wants to lay low but get something done, they send us," announced Kim. Yhuzan only nodded and looked at a picture of Janice's apartment.

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PostSubject: Re: Squad   05.01.11 18:41

"Who were those men, then?" Janice finally asked after a few moments of leery silence, the only sound being the constant hum of the engines. "They are soldiers for a private party. Your research threatens a vast majority of their stock holdings and would financially ruin them in the long run if it became a reality. However, your research is important to the world over and somebody just doesn't want to lose a few million dollars a year," Yhuzan replied and Mly smiled at her.

"Where are you taking me?" she added. "To a small island sanctuary. You can continue your research in security. No civilian rebellions to make a disguise for your murder." Mly said with a smile.
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PostSubject: Re: Squad   11.01.11 22:40

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. Please make your way to the rear of the plane and fasten your parachutes. Thank you," Kim said over his shoulder into the hold. Yhuzan and Mly threw the documents and photos into the duffel bag again, then zipped it up. Kim ran past them to the hatch as it opened, jumping out through the small opening. Juran grabbed Janice and strapped her to his chest, holstering the .44 as he did so, then proceeded to pick her up and jump out the still-opening hatch, her screaming madly.

"Go, I'll be right after you," Yhuzan said and Mly only nodded and jumped out, holding the duffel bag and unlatching the metal case on his way out. Walking into the cockpit, Yhuzan looked at the GPS display. "Damn..." he muttered to himself and ran out of the plane, pulling the case with him, curling into a ball until his parachute automatically opened. An explosive went off in the cockpit as a SAM hit the main body, obliterating the plane as the engines were knocked lose and the turbofans ripped apart the wings, then the fuel caught flame and exploded.

Yhuzan gritted his teeth as the metal case was obnoxiously heavy and pulled on his hand as he half-ass'd guided his descent with one hand, using only one toggle. He could see where Kim had already landed, the moon barely shining bright enough to illuminate the desert below, Juran and Janice about a hundred feet above and few hundred feet from Kim.

Mly could be seen floating slightly below Yhuzan, Yhuzan watching him drift down. A few minutes later Yhuzan approached the ground quickly, dropping the case only 12 feet off the ground and letting out an exclaim of relief. Taking off the parachute, which had been concealed on his back as a part of the bulky vest, he dragged the case over to the other people who had grouped together a few hundred feet away, his rifle in his other hand. "Come on! This is bullshit!" he shouted.
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PostSubject: Re: Squad   

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