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 Lacsizta Empire (Sempiternum)

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PostSubject: Lacsizta Empire (Sempiternum)   Lacsizta Empire (Sempiternum) I_icon_minitime09.01.11 22:36


Lacsizta; represented as the Lacsizta Empire.


Name: Lacsizta (Lack-siz-tuh)
Age: Roughly 7 billion years
First Life: 3 billion years (eukaryotic life forms)
First Sentient Life: Lacsiztan
Lacsiztan Introduction: 60,000~ years ago.
Modern Population: 11 billion.
Diameter: (At equator) 9,700 miles.
Gravity: 1.7g on standard scale.
Common Ores: Steel, Iron, Copper, Gold, other system commons.
Class: Barren.
Satellites: 3; Lac, Siar, Tah.
Lac- 3,129 miles diameter; Rocky, uninhabitable, colonized.
Siar- 2,953 diameter; Rocky, uninhabitable, colonized.


The territory of the Lacsizta Empire as the militaristic government fears over-extension of the number of ships available. As such, the Homeworld and its two moons are the primary colonized area with a heavy mining presence in the asteroid belt furthest from the sun.


Lacsiztans are a shorter species that are blatantly humanoid. They are remarkably known for their smaller, thin stature and calm, rhetoric attitude.

Listed are averages between individuals in modern society.

Height: Male- 5’5” (1.65 meters) Female- 5’1” (1.52 meters)
Weight: Male- 130 lbs (59.1kg). Female- 100 lbs (45.5).
Waist: Male- 35 in. Female- 22 in.
Head hair length (as per dictated by fashion and/or culture): Male- 1 in. Female- varying from 5 in to 30 in.
Hair Color: red, brown, black, yellow.
Eye Color: Dominants- Blue, Hazel, Brown.
Skin Color: Pale Aqua Blue.
Age: 37.

Their internal system is basic, and is composed of 11 systems:

Circulatory System,
Respiratory System,
Immune System,
Skeletal System,
Excretory System,
Urinary System,
Muscular System,
Endocrine System,
Digestive System,
Nervous System,
and the Reproductive System.

A notable internal occurrence is that they contain a higher metallic content than most other humanoid species, creating a higher density in their bone cells (namely the cytoskeleton of individual cells), meaning they can resist more serious ballistic impacts like blunt objects, falls, and so on. However, broken bones take longer to heal than other humanoid species.

Society and Culture

The life of a civilian is very diverse, as it involves anywhere from strenuous manual labor or up to hours of paperwork to get by. The largest employer is the socialist authoritarian government, which provides every citizen with an appropriate living space and basic amenities. Working for excess funds is purely for achieving better personal luxuries.

In the civilian work field, there’s the industrial workers, spatial workers, traders, government workers, farmers, and commercial workers. Taxes are non-existent.

The rest of an average civilian's daily life can be preoccupied by exploring the Empire Integrated Informational Network- essentially the internet. There they can find anything.

Actual activities day to day for a citizen is going to either work, school, or a labor center, or the enjoyment of entertainment, going to restaurants, courting a mate, exercising religious beliefs, etc.

Culture is also depicted in acting, dramas, comedies, epics, etc, and during wartime it is largely dominated by propaganda depicting larger-than-life-size warships obliterating small defenseless enemy ships. Music is also quite popular in the younger generation.

Education starts at the age of 3 years old with mathematics and literature. As soon as they turn 8 years old, patriotism is instilled through pro-empire examples, and advanced mathematics are started while literature is brought up to an adult level. By the age of 12, they decide on a career path. Afterwards, until the age of 18, they are taught purely in that field and are required to register their existence with the LSS. After that they take extra classes in what they desire. At 21 they are legally required to begin a career or join the military. If they do not, they will be sent to forced labor for 2 years with minimum wage.

All education and healthcare is government funded.

During wartime, education is switched primarily to combat, command, and engineering training, with schools becoming military ran. Essentially they become LSN academies.


Religion is generally frowned upon and has become almost abolished, although it is still practiced. Excessive measures are taken to keep it from interfering with the government, although it is completely legal to exercise in one's personal domain. The prominent religion follows.

Lacsizta God- The belief of Lacsiztans coming from the heavens and are the creation of ‘God’ and rather than coming from evolution they were put here. Believe in following the words of ‘God’ in the ‘Holy Writings’ (essentially the Bible).

Followers: Up to 20% of population on the Homeworld.
Reason: Humans try to uphold the belief of something ethereal and divine and much grander, with intelligent design in the universe, and the original religion of humans.
Opposing groups: Scientist, All.


The government runs on a socialist set-up, meaning that the population is directed towards maximizing production and properly dividing resources. The entire empire is managed by a council with 2 representatives from each district.


The Empire’s economy revolves largely around mining and trading of resources to other factions. They also trade and sell goods and rare commodities they produce that other factions find interest in (art, for example, as well as delicacies, liquors, etc). The largest export currently is various ores.

Next is the space industry. A vast majority of the economy centers on spatial construction of vessels, refinement of ores, and general vessel maintenance.


Travel: All Lacsizta vessels utilize a large Ion Thruster Drive, which uses electromagnets to accelerate ions. Although not very powerful, they are extremely efficient and can accelerate a vessel to up to 3.7% of the speed of light over a period of a few hours. Stopping a vessel takes far too long with opposite-direction-facing thrusters, so reverse rocket boosters are equipped. However, the rapid deceleration causes high amounts of inertia, compared to the gradual acceleration.

A large innovation used extensively in space-travel by the Lacsizta Empire is a high-ballistic resistant, oxygen rich synthetic gel. Ships are flooded with it by a series of dispensers about the ship, delivered from a storage tank usually on the underbelly of a vessel at high pressures, and is required for rapid deceleration. Occupants are capable of 'breathing' it and it barely inhibits basic functions. After deceleration, it is returned to its storage container, which can be jettisoned back towards an orbital station for cleansing, storage, and re-use, or pumped to a station while docked.

Artificial Gravity: Artificial gravity is only capable in space so far. Stations and ships rotate at an appropriate speed to simulate gravity with the centrifugal force. For operations that require a regulated alignment (combat, docking, etc), the crew is forced to use Velcro-equipped footwear and pants to allow manning of stations and traversing the vessel.

Weaponry: Most weaponry is ballistics based, including on vessels. Cannons on vessels and stations are capable of firing solid slugs with built-in electromagnets in the barrel if excess energy is available, or propellant based weapons. The electromagnet slugs are notably more damaging, although use up large amounts of energy.

Power Sources: Nuclear Fission reactors are utilized to power vessels and stations, as well as installations. Negatively charged electromagnets capture the released electrons and place them into storage batteries. Alternatively, energy can be sent directly to objects of use for application. This is normally to release excess energy when batteries are full, powering electromagnets in cannons for optimal capability, or for powering vessel engine's for maximum power. Average reactors on LSN vessels produce around 750 milliwatts.

Shields: Protection for ships, installations, and stations is done by placing large electromagnets on the outside of a vessel and is referred to as 'Electronic Shielding', or 'Shields' for short. At full power, they are capable of deflecting stray space objects including atoms, molecules, and small asteroids, as well as kinetic-based weapons and to some extent, energy weapons. Minimal Operational Power means that the object utilizing Shields can deflect basic space debris while still being able to interact with another vessel or station for docking and the such.


The main body of the military is the Lacsizta Spatial Naval Service (LSN for short) divided into many branches that each serve a specific purpose, and has upwards in total of 70,000,000 active enlisted personnel, and over 900 stations, ships, and craft devoted to military purposes.

It’s sub-divisions include:

LMC- Lacsizta Marine Corps; Basic division of combat personnel.
EC- Empire Construction; the engineer corps that is responsible for construction of colonies, outposts, bases, stations, etc.
TCONS- Technological Control Oriented Naval Service; a small section of the LSN that utilizes advanced technologies for combat. Essentially a testing organization for prototype technology and/or operation of advanced vessels.

Weaponry and Armaments

Cannons are the primary armament on board vessels and stations, with electromagnet augmented barrels that can accelerate solid slugs electromagnetically or fire propellant equipped slugs.

Turrets- Turrets are housing units for cannons that can rotate 180° or 360°. Along with the cannon is propellant based ammo and solid slugs, an electromagnet capacitor, and firing controls. Turrets and cannons are synonymous as a cannon is inside a turret, meaning that a turret on a ship is where the firepower comes from.

Small Turret: The smallest turret, usually deployed on small vehicles and craft. Unlike other turrets which have gunner seats and the such, this is purely controlled from a control interface, usually in the Firing Control section on the command deck, due to its small compact size. Has the highest firing rate through an automated loading system from an ammo store and the quickest charging capacitor.

Light Turret: A slightly larger turret that is prominently used on vessels for basic combat capabilities. Requires a gunner and a loader as it uses a limited clip/ammo box.

Medium Turret: Larger turret. Fires at a slower rate than Used for ship-to-ship combat as main firepower. Requires a gunner and a loader as it uses a limited clip/ammo box.

Heavy Turret: Most powerful and least numerous turret used for ship-to-ship/station combat and orbital bombardment. Due to its sheer size, automated loading is the best option as since it is essentially part of the ships actual structure, a loading system from an ammo store can be accomplished easily.

Light Laser: A small energy focusing array arranged in a light, fast turret for anti-missile and projectile duties. Has a small, quickly charging capacitor allowing it to fire numerous low-powered shots quickly against small targets, although it has no practical use against enemy vessels or stations.

Heavy Laser: A larger energy focusing array in a large, heavily armored turret for combat that can slice through hulls, although fires a limited burst and takes a long amount of time to recharge.

Secondary ship armaments-
Missiles- A chemically propelled warhead with (usually) tracking capabilities to deliver explosives over long range or to hunt down smaller targets.
Light Missile: Small missile usually used against smaller, quicker craft using a simple explosive payload deployed by smaller craft. Also used for precise attacks.
Medium Missile: Larger missile used en masse against ships and stations carrying a large explosive payload. Utilized mainly by frigates.
Heavy Missile: Largest missiles used infrequently against ships and for orbital bombardment. Sometimes carries a small nuclear warhead.
Ion Missile: A missile that uses an ion engine rather than a chemical propellant. Experimental and used for extremely long-range attacks.

Bomb- Bombs are explosive ordnances that are dropped from small craft and use forward momentum to reach its target. Utilizing a heavier ordnance than missiles, they are often times more difficult to use and are not very precise. However, they still have largely practical uses, including orbital bombardment.

Light Bomb: A small explosive ordnance carried by bombers or fighters for precise damage against a target.

Medium Bomb: A larger explosive ordnance carried by smaller vessels, namely frigates in place of missiles.

Heavy Bomb: The stronger equivalent of a heavy missile. Used for extreme planetary damage and carried only by large vessels.

Land-based Vehicles

Main Combat Vehicles-

Class: Type 1 Tank
Length: 10 meters (39 feet)
Beam: 4 meters (13 feet)
Height: 2.6 meters (8.5 feet)
Role: Main Combat Vehicle
Crew: 6 (commander, gunner, loader, driver, navigator, on-board engineer).
Armament: 1 light turret (center mount), 4 small turrets (1 fore starboard 1 fore port 1 aft port 1 aft starboard).
Information: The Type-1 Main Combat Battle Tank is a land-based tracked vehicle that is equipped with a Light Turret that requires manual loading due to the confined spaces in the vehicle, not allowing a automated assembly. Equipped with a fighter-class electromagnet shielding system, it can take a direct artillery hit or small arms fire for extended periods of time. For extra versatility, it is supplied with ballast tanks for water traversing and diving, magnetic tracks, and a high-powered wench for climbing.

Class: Type 2 Tank
Length: 17 meters (56 feet)
Beam: 5 meters (16 feet)
Height: 3.8 meters (12.5 feet)
Role: Heavy Combat Vehicle
Crew: 12 (commander, 7 gunners [in crews, 3 for the medium, 2 for each light], driver, navigator, 2 engineers)
Armament: 2 light turrets (1 starboard 1 port), 1 medium turret (fore center), 6 small turrets (1 fore starboard 1 fore port 1 aft port 1 aft starboard 2 fore)
Passengers: 12 marines.
Information: The Type 2 Heavy Combat Vehicle is a land-based tracked vehicle that is equipped with a Medium Turret that requires a large gunnery crew to maneuver, aim, load, and manage it due to upkeep on a land environment with infectants (dirt, mud, water, etc), and the light turrets require similar, smaller crews. Equipped with a Frigate class shielding system, 35 inch thick depleted uranium-steel alloy armor, it is essentially a mobile fortress that can take brutal abuse from artillery and is virtually impervious to small arms fire. It is equipped with similar armaments as the Type 1. Due to its power, it requires massive upkeep and is costly to produce, but is favored for infiltration purposes due to being able to take abuse and carry up to 12, fully equipped marines, and its magnetic tracks allow it to be deployed on the exteriors of ships and stations to act as a mobile turret battery.

Support Vehicles-

Class: Arem Personnel Barge (MK 3)
Length: 19 meters (62 feet)
Beam: 4 meters (13 feet)
Height: 5 meters (16 feet)
Role: Personnel Transport
Crew: 2 (1 pilot, 1 navigator/gunner)
Armament: 6 small turrets (2 fore, 2 aft, 1 starboard 1 port)
Passengers: 40
Information: A large, heavily armored, heavily shielded and lightly armed, maneuverable, fast vehicle, it is designed to carry small vehicles and troops through areas they normally wouldn't be able to traverse by themselves. Modified versions are VTOL lower altitude flight capable for rigorous terrain by being equipped with massive turbofans.

Class: Type 3 Tank
Length: 15 meters (49 feet)
Beam: 7 meters (23 feet)
Height: 4.2 meters (14 feet)
Role: Long range heavy support/heavy combat support.
Crew: 6 (commander, pilot, navigator, gunnery crew [3])
Armament: 1 heavy turret (center), 6 small turrets (2 fore 2 aft 1 starboard 1 port)
Passengers: n/a.
Information: A large, slow, heavily shielded (lightly armored) hover vehicle that lands on 8 leg struts in order to support itself for accurate firing. With a maximum range pin-point accuracy of 97 miles, it is a threat to any fortification or enemy vehicles. Its only downfall is its amazingly slow speed, loud noise, heavy fuel consumption, lack of maneuverability, and requiring constant combat support of other vehicles. It can, however, take heavy direct large weapons fire thanks to its powerful shields, but is vulnerable to small arms fire that can slip through lapses in the shield and its light armor does not suffice. It is being quickly outdated and is planned to be replaced in coming years. Its usefulness is still realized, however, as being able to attack low-orbiting ships.

Class: Orbital Assault Cannon
Length: 23 meters (75.5 feet)
Beam: 7.5 meters (24.5 feet)
Height: 6 meters (20 feet)
Role: Planetary defense vehicle.
Crew: 7 (commander, pilot, navigator, gunnery crew [4])
Armament: 1 Electro-Magnetically-Powered Mass Acceleration Cannon (EMP-MAC), 10 small turrets (5 lining starboard 5 lining port)
Passengers: n/a.
Information: A large tank-like vehicle with a large cannon pointing upwards on a large, pivoting base. Due to the large power requirements of its MPMAC, it is completely dependent on its armor, support vehicles, and where its stationed to defend it. Lobbing 1 ton depleted uranium slugs at up to 40% the speed of light, it is effective at defending a planet against ships in space while being mobile and land-based.


Ships are vehicles capable of operating in the vacuum of space. Larger ships are capable of traversing between planets while others have a severely limited range to a station or a vessel than can store and maintain it.


Class: SS (Service Shuttle)
Length: 9 meters (29 feet)
Beam: 2 meters (6 feet)
Height: 2.1 meters (6.8 feet)
Role: Transport
Crew: 1 pilot, 1 navigator
Land Assault: Can carry 20 passengers in passenger configuration.
Sub-Craft: n/a.
Armament: n/a. Variants can be equipped with light cannons.
Information: The SS/Service Shuttle is a relatively small craft that serves a wide variety of purposes. Equipped with large turbofans on the bottom of the hull for atmospheric travel that can provide enough lift for 3 times the crafts weight, and 2 rear jet engines with advanced afterburners to allow continuous use for moving heavy cargo. Essentially it is a work horse since it can move cargo or objects many times its weight. Its usual role is for carrying individuals over vast distances on a planet, between vessels, or from orbit to ground, as well as cargo and supplies. Its cargo bay is 7.5x1.8x2 meters (27 cubic meters, 88 cubic feet). Ion-engine equipped variants exist for space-only operations.

Class: P-19
Length: 3 meters (10 feet)
Beam: 1 meter (3 feet)
Height: 1.2 meters (4 feet)
Role: Combat support/Fighter.
Crew: 1 (pilot).
Land Assault: Pilot is equipped with a pistol.
Sub-Craft: Cockpit of ship is escape pod.
Armament: 2 light cannons, 4 light missiles or 4 light bombs.
Information: Designed to be sleek, fast, nimble, strong, and powerful, the T-19 fulfills the role of fighter support against small enemy craft that their carrier can’t hit. Equipped with an arsenal capable of engaging enemy fighters and bombers, its missiles are capable of puncturing hulls on corvettes and frigates. Its standard drive is a high-output, highly efficient rocket engine for high-speeds, although variants exist with ion-thrusters for longer operation without returning to its carrier. Also used in land assault campaigns for precision strikes against enemy vehicles and installations. Comes in squadrons of 7 (6 airmen, 1 lieutenant).

Class: P-48
Length: 4 meters (13 feet)
Beam: 6 meters (20 feet)
Height: 5 feet.
Role: Combat support/Fighter-Bomber.
Crew: 1 pilot, 1 gunner.
Land Assault: Crew is equipped with pistols.
Sub-Craft: Cockpit is an escape pod.
Armament: 2 medium cannons, 2 light cannons (2 fore, 2 mounted on single turret), 2 medium missiles or: 2 medium bombs; 6 light missiles; 6 light bombs.
Information: Having a large wingspan, this craft is capable of carrying a larger payload while still retaining agility and its lighter weapons to engage small craft and is a stronger version of the P-19. Used mainly for swarming larger craft and taking out strategic points. Its wingspan also allows atmospheric combat and is very effective against heavily armored targets and fortifications. Comes in squadrons of 5 (4 airmen, 1 lieutenant).

Class: Cutter
Length: 14 meters (46 feet)
Beam: 7 meters (23 feet)
Height: 1 deck (3 meters/10 feet)
Role: Combat support/land support.
Crew: 5, 1 officer (1 pilot, 4 gunners, 1 commander).
Land Assault: 2 stored rifles, all equipped with pistols.
Sub-Craft: n/a.
Armament: 3 small turrets (1 fore, 1 starboard aft, 1 port aft)
Information: A small vessel with enough room for a small crew and substantial cargo. The only LSN used vessel to be publicly purchasable,

Class: Combat Cutter
Length: 14 meters (46 feet)
Beam: 7 meters (23 feet)
Height: 1 deck (3 meters/10 feet)
Role: Combat support/land support.
Crew: 5, 1 officer (1 pilot, 4 gunners, 1 commander).
Land Assault: 2 stored rifles, all equipped with pistols.
Sub-Craft: n/a.
Armament: 4 small turrets, 1 torpedo tube (fore, compliment 4 light, 2 medium torpedoes).
Information: A craft small enough to be stored on cruisers and battleships, it offers enough firepower to help in combat with strong enough shields and armor to distract the enemy.

Class: Transport Cutter
Length: 17 meters (56 feet)
Beam: 7 meters (23 feet)
Height: 1 deck (3 meters/10 feet)
Role: Personnel transport.
Crew: 4, 1 officer (1 pilot, 3 gunners, 1 commander).
Passengers: 16.
Land Assault: 2 stored rifles, all crew equipped with pistols.
Sub-Craft: n/a.
Armament: 3 small turrets (1 fore, 1 starboard aft, 1 port aft)
Information: A craft small enough to be stored on cruisers and battleships. Equipped with a small low-power ion drive, it fulfills the role of a small transport whenever a larger ship is not feasible. Being larger than a normal Cutter by a full 3 meters, the engine is further away from the cockpit while remaining the same size so extra passenger space is available. The rest of the design is fairly similar and appears only to be a longer Cutter.


Class: Majokulan
Length: 140 meters (459 feet)
Beam: 17 meters (56 feet)
Height: 2 decks (8 meters/26 feet)
Role: Long range missile support.
Crew: 190, 15 officers.
Land Assault: n/a.
Sub-Craft: n/a.
Armament: 6 missile tubes (4 fore, 2 aft, compliment of 30 light and 10 medium each), 2 light turrets (1 fore 1 aft).
Information: The smallest warship in production, the Majokulan class is equipped heavily with missiles for the purpose of long-range bombardment and harassment of larger enemy vessels. It hardly sees combat by itself as it is equipped with only 2 turrets.

Class: Ta’qui
Length: 198 meters (649 feet)
Beam: 25 meters (82 feet)
Height: 5 decks (20 meters/56 feet)
Role: Light combat and long range missile support.
Crew: 238, 20 officers.
Land Assault: n/a.
Sub-Craft: 2 P-19’s attached to the belly.
Armament: 6 missiles tubes (4 fore, 2 aft, compliment of 30 light and 10 medium each), 4 light turrets (2 port 2 starboard), 2 medium (1 fore, 1 aft).
Information: The largest frigate, it is capable of long-range assaults and minor close-range combat. Only effective as an anti-fighter and anti-small warship vessel.


Class: Notarkan
Length: 252 meters (827 feet)
Beam: 29 meters (94 feet)
Height: 4 decks (15 meters/49 feet)
Role: Light combat support/escort vessel.
Crew: 700, 30 officers.
Land Assault: n/a.
Sub-Craft: 1 squadron of (7) P-19’s.
Armament: 6 light turrets (3 starboard 3 port), 4 medium turrets (2 fore 2 aft), 2 heavy turrets(1 fore 1 aft), 10 light laser turrets (8 starboard, 8 port, 2 fore, 2 aft).
Information: The smallest commissioned destroyer currently active, this class is purely for its speed and maneuverability to provide combat support. Due to its large amount of light lasers, vessels of this class are usually deployed in a defensive formation around an allied fleet for anti-missile and projectile roles. Also serves as a scout, patrol, and scientific vessel with proper refits.

Class: Commant
Length: 290 meters (951 feet)
Beam: 36 meters (118 feet)
Height: 9 decks (29 meters/95 feet)
Role: Command vessel/Medium combat vessel.
Crew: 760, 34 officers.
Land Assault: 300 marines, 2 squadrons of (18) Type 1 tanks.
Sub-Craft: 1 squadron of P-19’s.
Armament: 10 light turrets (3 starboard 3 port 3 fore 1 aft), 5 medium turrets (2 starboard 2 port 1 fore), 3 heavy turrets (1 starboard, fore, port), 8 light laser turrets (3 starboard 3 port 1 fore 1 aft).
Information: Given its name for having advanced communication, command, and control facilities. It is deployed as the smallest independent warship and is usually stationed at distant colonies in inactive areas.

Class: Chak
Length: 320 meters (1050 feet)
Beam: 39 meters (127 feet)
Height: 10 decks (31 meters/102 feet)
Role: Medium escort/combat vessel.
Crew: 800, 38 officers.
Land Assault: 350 marines, 4 squadrons of (36) Type 1 tanks.
Sub-Craft: 2 squadrons of P-19’s.
Armament: 18 light turrets (6 starboard 6 port 4 fore 2 aft), 10 medium turrets (3 starboard 3 port 2 fore 2 aft), 6 heavy turrets (3 starboard 3 port).
Information: An independent design with the idea of being able to contain light enemy threats and patrol a sub sector on its own. Equipped with substantial land assault capabilities and numerous sub-craft, it holds its own against most enemies but is often deployed as part of a larger task force for heavy support or as a command vessel. Also acts as a escort vessel for supply lanes.

Class: Alma
Length: 470 meters (1541 feet)
Beam: 59 meters (193 feet)
Height: 16 decks (49 meters/160 feet)
Role: Heavy combat vessel.
Crew: 1200, 56 officers.
Land Assault: 580 marines, 6 squadrons of Type 1 tanks, 2 squadrons of Type 2 tanks.
Sub-Craft: 2 squadrons of P-19’s, 1 Cutter,
Armament: 34 light turrets (12 starboard 12 port 6 fore 4 aft), 20 medium turrets (8 starboard 8 port 3 fore 1 aft), 10 heavy turrets (4 starboard 4 port 2 fore), 14 light laser turrets (5 starboard 5 port 2 fore 2 aft), 1 heavy laser turret (fore).
Information: The largest destroyer, it is easily independent capable and carries a cutter sub-craft which acts as decent support where needed. Its land assault capabilities make it marveled during planet siege campaigns.


Class: Ilunayas
Length: 490 meters (1607 feet)
Beam: 61 meters (200 feet)
Height: 23 decks (70 meters/230 feet)
Role: Heavy escort/combat vessel.
Crew: 2100, 90 officers.
Land Assault: n/a.
Sub-Craft: 2 squadrons of P-19’s, 1 squadron of T-48’s, 1 Cutter.
Armament: 50 light turrets (17 starboard 17 port 10 fore 6 aft), 35 medium turrets (14 starboard 14 port, 4 fore, 3 aft), 15 heavy turrets (6 starboard 6 port 2 fore 1 aft), 20 light laser turrets (4 starboard, 4 port, 4 fore, 4 aft), 2 heavy laser turrets (1 starboard, 1 port).
Information: Designed to act as an in-between between the Destroyers and Battleships, this class is capable of acting purely on its own while being stronger than a destroyer, but smaller, more maneuverable, and faster than a battleship. Bogged down with weapons, armor, and shielding, it does not have land assault capabilities nor much sub-craft.


Class: Limka
Length: 530 meters (1739 feet)
Beam: 66 meters (217 feet)
Height: 29 decks (88 meters/290 feet)
Role: Heavy combat vessel/Flagship.
Crew: 3100, 105 officers.
Land Assault: 800 marines, 10 squadrons of Type 1 tanks, 5 squadrons of Type 2 tanks.
Sub-Craft: 6 squadrons of P-19’s, 3 squadrons of T-48’s, 2 cutters.
Armament: 50 light turrets (17 starboard 17 port 10 fore 6 aft), 35 medium turrets (14 starboard 14 port, 4 fore, 3 aft), 15 heavy turrets (6 starboard 6 port 2 fore 1 aft), 20 light laser turrets (4 starboard, 4 port, 4 fore, 4 aft), 2 heavy laser turrets (1 starboard, 1 port).
Information: Essentially an enlarged version of the Ilunayas, the Limka carries the same amount of weaponry but has more powerful shields and carries troops as well as more sub-craft. Due to its ability for heavy space combat and land offense, and overall versatility, a ship of its class is deemed the Flagship of the LSN armada.

Class: Delm Type Battlecruiser
Length: 580 meters (1903 feet)
Beam: 73 meters ( 239 feet)
Height: 30 decks (91 meters/300 feet)
Role: Heavy long range combat vessel.
Crew: 3400, 114 officers.
Land Assault: 1800 marines, 20 squadrons of Type 1 tanks, 10 squadrons of Type 2 tanks, 10 Arem Personnel Barges.
Sub-Craft: 8 squadrons of P-19’s, 5 squadrons of T-48’s, 2 cutters, 2 combat cutters, 4 repair shuttles.
Armament: 55 light turrets (19 starboard 19 port 12 fore 6 aft), 38 medium turrets (15 starboard 15 port, 5 fore, 3 aft), 20 heavy turrets (8 starboard 8 port 3 fore 1 aft), 20 light laser turrets (4 starboard, 4 port, 4 fore, 4 aft), 3 heavy laser turrets (1 starboard, 1 port, 1 fore).
Information: A monster of a vessel. Larger and slightly more armed than the Limka class, it is designed largely for self sustainability on long range missions. Carrying more troops and land assault vehicles, it is able to sustain prolonged land assault campaigns. Along with its bulky size and massive compliment, it carries large coffers to keep a steady supply of construction grade materials available for advanced self maintenance done by its repair shuttles. Variants exist that maximize cargo space to fill the role of a heavily armed freighter.


Class: Delortij
Length: 700 meters (2297 feet)
Beam: 88 meters (289 feet)
Height: 40 decks (122 meters/400 feet)
Role: Capital Ship/Mega Combat Vessel.
Crew: 4800, 230 officers.
Land Assault: 1000 marines, 20 squadrons of Type 1 tanks, 10 squadrons of Type 2 tanks.
Sub-Craft: 8 squadrons of P-19’s, 4 squadrons of T-48’s, 3 cutters.
Armament: 75 light turrets (25 starboard 25 port 15 fore 10 aft), 55 medium turrets (20 starboard 20 port, 10 fore, 5 aft), 30 heavy turrets (12 starboard 12 port 4 fore 2 aft), 30 light laser turrets (4 starboard, 4 port, 4 fore, 4 aft), 15 heavy laser turrets (10 starboard, 10 port, 3 fore, 2 aft).
Information: The third largest warship in mass production, the Delortij class is a pure powerhouse carrying over a 100 sub craft, a large compliment of land assault soldiers and vehicles, and hundreds of weapons. It is quite powerful and can hold its own against almost anything. Seen mainly leading large attack forces or patrolling active borders.

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I know my ships seem large, but speaking in terms of space, the ships are comparable in size to modern naval vessels, and in the scale of space they are relatively small.

What do you guys thinks?
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